Quality Control Features

Document Approval & Review Processes


Lauris Online enables you to create very flexible approval and review processes to enhance quality for the clinical environment, and to make sure that clinicans are meeting the requirements of regulatory and accreditation organizations. Your organization may have very unique structure, but Lauris Online can adapt, allowing you to create approval and review processes based upon document type, staff member, specific field data on your forms, or even through user driven options at the time the form is completed. Approvals can be routed to individuals, or groups, and approval requirements can be shared in a variety of ways among approvers to effectively balance approval process responsibilities.


Compliance Monitoring


Your staff can monitor client charts to assure that forms are being completed within the required timeframes. Due dates of critical forms can be posted on the Consumer General Information Screen, which is the first screen viewed by staff when accessing a client’s chart. In addition, your administrator can utilize the Lauris Data Center Module to create compliance reports and dashboards that are customized for various roles in your organization. Optionally, you may choose to use the Compliance Module, which will alert the staff of any forms that are out of compliance due to not being completed within the appropriate timeframes.


Active File - Customizable Chart Organization


With Lauris Online, you have secure access to your client documents from anywhere you have access to the Internet. The Active File feature allows you to establish a standard organzation of the documents within each chart through the creation of an intelligent folder system where the folders are defined by the staff, along with designations for each document type as to which folder it is stored in. In addition to storing your forms by document type, they can also be stored according to service type. Clinical Documents can be viewed by the current or a previous Episode of Care, and the display of documents can be filtered in a variety of ways.


Utilization Management Tracking and Management Tools


Lauris Online is a very comprehensive Electronic Medical Records solution, integrating the business and clinical elements of your business. Services are defined in the system according to every detailed requirement of your vendors and third party paying entities. Authorizations linked to these service definitions and are effectively managed and tracked in the system, giving access status of these authorizations to all appropriate staff members, especially the clinician. The focus is on making sure that services delivered result in remittance of funds to your agency. Progress notes can be configured to insure that services that require authorizations must have those authorizations in place at the time the document is processed. This prevents staff from submitting billable work that will ultimately result in a denial.


Required Forms


Lauris Online not only helps enforce data collection rules as forms are being filled out, but the forms themselves can be embedded into preestablished processes and identified in order of required completion to insure all documents are done. For example, we can create an Admissions Packet containing required assessments, and demographics forms, and insure that the documents are done.


Electronic Signatures


Electronic signatures for each staff member can be stored on the system so that the signatures can be applied only by those staff members on the forms requiring signatures. Lauris Online has various workflow processes to insure signatures are obtained for those forms that require them.


Scanning of Documents into the Client Chart


Once in the client chart, you have the option to scan external documents such as drivers license, letters from the court, client acknowledgements, or virtually anything. If your external document is already in electronic form, you have the option to import it into the chart as well.


Integrated Electronic Medications Records (eMAR)


Lauris Online can provide integration with the ChartMeds eMAR, providing access to this robust electronic medication administration records system. We have elected to provide this integration because ChartMeds can bring powerful quality control protections to prevent medication administration errors, and can help insure more effective maintanance of your medications administration records.



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