Lauris Online Enterprise Portal

Lauris Online is designed to adapt to the unique needs of your clinical and business environment. This is true whether you are a three member practice, a major enterprise crossing interational boundaries, an EAP, or a collaborative Association.


Of course larger organizations with diverse programs and geographically distributed facilities require tools to centrally manage business operations and reporting functions. The Lauris Online Enterprise Portal provides access to the billing, authorization, and reporting processes for all of your distributed Lauris Online implementations. This is true whether your facilities have like clinical programs, or if they are entirely different operations with differing documentation, billing, and reporting requirements.


Lauris Online for Other Complex Organizations


Lauris Online has flexible tools for collaboration among more loosely associated networks such as associations or Employee Assistance Programs. The system provides for secure referral of client data and documentation to trusted external organizations with completely independent Lauris Online sites. Collaborative organizations, or entities administering funds can provide access to their documentation, or manage the authorizations of funds to their network of service providers.



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Lauris Online V1.0