Lauris Online Deployment Process Overview

Adaptive Infotech is heavily invested in the success of your project. The first step in any deployment is a series of meetings between Adaptive Infotech, the Lauris Production Team and your staff in order to gather all of your forms in electronic format, and document customer requirements. Each customer is unique, but your forms and planning documentation must be prepared in such a way as to enable effective communication between the Lauris Online Production Team, and the customer staff during the course of the project.


The key to the flexibility of Lauris Online is that everything is focused around the documentation and workflow processes you already have in use. The forms you submit are migrated to the Lauris Online platform by the Production Team in collaboration with our customer's staff. Various Lauris Online features are leveraged to enforce data gathering requirements and workflow rules that help insure that the right forms are completed at the right times, and with the right data. The migration of your forms to electronic format, and integration into the Lauris Online platform is a six step process.

  1. Each form is formated by the Lauris Online Production Team.
  2. Each field where data is entered on your forms is mapped to the Lauris Online database.
  3. Each form is set on your Lauris Online site.
  4. The Lauris Online Production Team tests each form.
  5. The customer's staff tests each form, as well as customized workflow/ approval processes, providing feedback for any modifications that are required to the forms.
  6. Corrections are made, customer staff is trained and your staff begins using your Lauris Online EHR site. Adaptive Infotech will meet with you and provide a review of system workflow and operations about 30 days following Go-Live to identify how the system can be further optimized.


Service Definition


The Lauris Online Production Team will gather required detailed information about the various services provided by the customer staff to their clients. These services will be configured into the system along with any modifiers required to meet specific rules of payers, vendors, or accreditation entities.


Workflow, Approval and Review Process


The Lauris Online Production Team will work with the customer staff to create approval and review processes that properly fit into the customer's workflow and clinical processes to maintain quality and compliance with regulatory entities and third party payers. Workflow within Lauris Online will be designed for effective acquisition of required signatures and optimized for effective quality control.


Initial Training


The customer will appoint designated staff members for administrative training and initial testing of the Lauris Online system. An Adaptive Infotech trainer will come on-site and train these staff members in use of the Lauris Online EHR, as well as in how to most effectively test and identify any changes that need to be made in order to insure the system is fully functional the day we train all staff and put the system into operation across the organization.


Staff designated as Administrators will be trained both on-site and via web conference sessions to perform certain initial tasks such as configuring staff user accounts in Lauris Online, setting appropriate privilages, entering clients into the system, and other essential functions. If Utilization Managment and Billing Features are to be utilized, Utilization Management and Billing Staff will also be trained in managing funding authorizations, processing electronic claims, and tracking of receivables in Lauris.


Once feedback is provided from the customer testing team to Lauris, any requested changes are made, and on-site training of all staff is scheduled. The system is intuitive, and staff training can be provided in a few hours; however, it is advisable to include adequate time for the staff to work in the system during the training, completing clinical forms that they normally do within the course of their daily work. Six to seven hours of training and practice time is optimal to allow the user to become comfortable with the Lauris Online system.


Integration of Third Party Software of Custom Forms Development


Should your treatment organization required E-Prescriptions, this can be provided through our integration with Rcopia/ Dr. First. Residential facilities or Group Homes that require Electronic Medication Management Records (eMAR) functionality can elect to deploy the ChartMeds eMAR, with integration provided by Lauris Online. Training for both of these options are generally provided via web meeting once your Lauris Online system is operational and fully tested. Adative Infotech can provide additonal on-site training for ChartMeds if required.



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