Frequently Asked Questions about Adaptive Infotech

Frequently Asked Questions about Adaptive Infotech

Can I use my own forms, including state required forms such as ASAM’s, CFARS, or DJJ forms on the Lauris Online EHR?


​Yes. We can format your forms on the system exactly as they currently look today whether developed by you, or mandated by state agencies such as Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Corrections, Department of Children and Families / Child Welfare, or other funding entity. We can also improve on your forms in collaboration with you as needed. The key thing to remember is that every field on every form is tracked in the database. This means that you will not have to enter the same information over and over. Once entered, data can prepopulate on other forms in the system.​​


How Long does it take to deploy Lauris Online?


It typically takes the Lauris Production Team about 60 days to set up your site once you provide us with your forms. Beyond this, the timeframe is largely determined by your staff. Once we set up your site, with all of your forms, you will need to test the site and provide feedback so any corrections can be made. The typical deployment, from the Discovery Phase, through Customer Testing, and Staff Training typically lasts 4 months.


What do you offer in terms of support once the system is operational?


Lauris Provides Help Desk support at no cost. In addition, Adaptive Infotech is available to provide guidance in maximizing the use and value you get from the Lauris Online system. Scheduled training is also available via web meeting at no cost once the site goes live.


Can I process Electronic Claims directly with payers using Lauris Online, or am I required to go through a clearing house?


Lauris Online can configure your 837 EDI file to the specification of any clearing house, or any payer, as long as the payer offers this option.


What type of devices can I use to access Lauris Online, and the Evello Outcomes System?


PC, Android Tablet, IPAD. The system is browser based, and IE, Mozilla/Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers will work.


Are there any user licenses or limits on the numbers of users?



Is Lauris Online ICD-10 Ready?


Absolutely! All Lauris customers utilizing the Lauris Billing Center Module have all completed testing with each of their payers and are ready for the October 1st Deadline. In addition, as with all forms on the Lauris Online EHR the formating of diagnosis information on assessments, treatment plans and other clinical forms are customized to the requirements of each behavioral health and mental health treatment organization's payers, funding, and accreditation requirements.


Do you have behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers in Florida using the Lauris Online EHR, and if so, for how long?


We have behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse treatment centers all over Florida, with our oldest customers utilizing the Lauris Online EHR for more than 6 years. There are many unique features that were specifically developed for the Florida environment, especially with regards to utilization management, billing, as well as approval and review processes.


Can my therapy notes or case management notes have my logo, and the logo of my funding agencies on them, and look just as they do now?


Yes. Your forms can look just as the do now. We can replicate the formating of not only your therapy notes, but all of your documents. We can also include not only clinical forms, but Human Resources documentation and timesheets as well.


Can I have State of Florida FARS and CFARS reports on the Lauris Online EHR?


Yes. There are many Behavioral Health customers in Florida utilizing the FARS and CFARS forms within the Lauris Online EHR. The system can also generate the CFARS and FARS reports for you, which can save a lot of time.


Can I have multiple treatment centers using the same Lauris Online EHR?


Yes. You can have many treatment centers set up on the same EHR, using the same forms, but with the flexibility to incorporate other unique forms, approval and review processes, as well as billing for different service locations.


How difficult is it to get cusomized reports out of the Lauris Online EHR and the Evello Outcomes System?


There are three options for creating customized reports within Lauris Online. The Custom Views Utility enables supervisors with appropriate privilages to create customized reports based upon all the data entered into forms. This utility is very intuitive and does not require much training. With some training, key staff can use our Data Center Module to create customized complex reports and dashboards accessing nearly every table in the database. Of course our developers are available to create unique reports that your staff does not wish, or is not able to create on their own.


How do I know that the pricing I am quoted when I sign up for Lauris Online will not be increase next year or the year after?


The Lauris Online pricing structure detailed in the Scope of Work that you sign is committed for 3 years from the first month billing starts. In practice, we have always honored the pricing far beyond the 3 year commitment.


Will the Lauris Online EHR meet the requirements of CARF and Joint Commission?


Yes. While Joint Commission does not certify specific EHR/ EMR systems, our system is designed to give you the flexibility to meet the requirements of your accreditation and licensing entities. When you choose Lauris Online, you provide us with your specific forms, and we implement them as instructed by you to be compliant with the requirements of your programs and the expectations of your auditors. The Lauris Online EHR is also ONC Certified by Drummond, which is the Gold Standard for Electronic Health Records Systems.



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