Data Tracking & Reporting

Forms Data Tracking


Each field on every form of your Lauris Online site is mapped to the database. This data is then mapped to other forms as needed, or prepopulated as new forms are created. You no longer need to have multiple entry of the same data, and less data entry means less man hours, and less mistakes. Goals entered on the Treatment Plan are prepopulated directly onto the Progress Note. Med Logs entries can be prepopulated on the Clients Chart General Information Screen, or doctors orders can be mapped to logs or other documents.


Custom Reports


With all data mapped to the database, custom reports can be created with any data you collect on your forms. You may not anticipate reporting requirements that might become essential in the future, but as long as the data is on your forms, it is in the database, and we can create reports as defined by you. Forms required by federal, state, or private authorities can be custom developed so that you can extract the data you need in the required format whenever needed.


Lauris Reform Feature


Custom Reports can be integrated into your forms. This feature enables you to embed important data in your forms with simple or graphical reports at key points in time, memorialized with clinician and client signatures. This can be valuable in tracking and graphing of client progress and outcomes, or for creating custom processes for staff time sheets, medication logs, or other critical data.



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