ChartMeds Electronic Medication Administration

ChartMeds Electronic Medication Administration

The ChartMeds Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) system has a primary mission of providing organization, clarity, and efficiency in the administration of medications. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, there is at least one death a day in the United States due to medication errors; furthermore, there are approximately 1.3 million people injured each year by such errors. ChartMeds can help prevent medication errors by your clinical staff.


Common factors in medication errors include:

  • Poor communication
  • Lack of clarity in directions of use
  • Abiguities in product names
  • Poor handwriting in medication orders / prescriptions
  • Lack of product knowledge on the part of the professional administering medications.

In a typical residential behavioral health treatment center, as many as 95% of clients may be receiving one or more medications daily, and with even one mistake, things can get really serious, really fast. ChartMeds provides the structure and tools to insure your staff can clearly understand who needs to receive medications, what medications are to be administered, and when the medications are to be administered. Chartmeds provides the essential controls to prevent dangerous and costly mistakes.


Staff administering medications are aided with the following features:

  • Medications inventory for reach client is scanned in with a unique bar code.
  • Medication administration is recorded by scanning the bar code on each medication that is unique only to that medication for that specific client.
  • If the wrong medication is scanned for administration, the system produces an alert indicating whether the medication is not belonging to that client.
  • The system provides clear messaging if medication for a specific timeframe has already been administered, and will not allow the recording of duplicate dosage.
  • Customized alerts can be recorded when entering the initial medication order to instruct the staff of any special requirements such as take with meal, take with milk, record blood pressure prior to administration, check blood sugar, etc...
  • Staff is alerted of any alergies, or other concerns.
  • General information about the medication is available from within the administration screen.

The ChartMeds eMAR is browser based, so you can utilize most devices- PC, laptop, MAC, or tablet. Whether you have a residential program, or provide community based services, ChartMeds will meet your needs. We may already be seamlessly integrated with your pharmacy, but if not, we would certainly be interested in developing an interface. ChartMeds is intuitive and easy to use. Staff simply clicks on the clients picture to access their required medications, scans the barcode off the medication prior to administration, and if required, both staff and client/ patient signatures can be made electronically. The system maintains medication counts, and provides protections in the event the inventory of current medications does not match the system count. Critical information about the medications to be adminstered is available within the workflow for administering each medication, with an effective system of alerts to provide additonal guidance as needed. Even when medications must be given in an environment that lacks a network connection, there are effective processes to manage offline medication administration.


ChartMeds has been developed as a stand-alone solution specifically to meet all the requirements and provide all of the functionality you expect from an Electronic MAR. If you have already made the transition to electronic medication administration within tools provided within your current EHR, you may find that the ChartMeds solution would be a more comprehensive eMAR. The ChartMeds eMAR is available as a stand-alone solution, or as an integrated component in the Lauris Online EHR. There is no setup costs, and fees are based only on the clients that are receiving medications. Contact us today for a demonstration of the ChartMeds Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) solution.



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