Managing Authorizations, Billing, Receivables

While most of the people in the Mental Health and Behavioral Health fields are engaged in the work they do primarily because they have a desire to help people, no one can afford to remain in business unless they are able to maintain a positive cash flow. At it's very core, Lauris Online is designed to help you insure that the work you do is work you will be paid for. You simply must get paid for the work your staff is performing if you are going to continue paying your staff and maintaining your facilities.


When your Lauris Online site is deployed, your forms are migrated to electronic format on the platform, and all data entered into all fields on your forms is maintained in a database. This ensures that we are able to link any and all clinical elements of your workflow to the service requirements, authorizations , and paying entity rules that must be met in order to insure payment.


We define your services in great detail to insure that those services can be mapped properly to your authorizations, and that those authorizations can be properly mapped to the billable documents that are worked against those authorizations. This insures that we can properly track authorizations, maintain up to date information about the authorizations, and make sure that all appropriate staff are in tune with the status of authorizations for their clients. Ultimately the Lauris Online EHR insures that authorizations are not overworked, and new authorizations are recorded in an organized and efficient way. In addition, back office management of payer changes(often a problem with Medicaid clients) are effectively managed in a way that maintains the integrity of your authorization data, while minimizing Utilization Management effort.


We focus on authorizations management all the way through your workflow so that once the billable work is processed through your billing application, or the Lauris Online Billing Center Module, the funds get remitted, whether invoiced in paper or electronic form. Accounts Receivables management is a fully integrated function of the Lauris Billing Center, insuring that you can effectively track the status of all claims and actively manage your cashflow. Accounts Receivables Data can also be exported to effectively import the data into your general ledger application.



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