Optional Features

Local Backup Module


In addition to extensive data security and industry "Best Practices" for the maintenance of your documents and data maintained on the Lauris Online site, you have the option of the Lauris Online Local Backup Module. With this optional service, we set up a routine process to backup not only your EHR / EMR data, but also your actual documents to your own servers every night. This module gives you both security and control.


Scheduling Module


Scheduling is fully integrated into Lauris Online, enabling your staff to schedule appointments with individual clients, or groups of clients. Events such as staff meetings, or recurring meetings with certain user groups, such as with all therapists can be scheduled efficiently. Staff can access the clients chart directly from the event, verify services to be provided are authorized, and generate clinical forms. Management can also easily view schedules for any number of staff in order to compare resource availability. Administrators can configure customized event types with default timeframes, and these can be displayed with designated color codes. Each unique event type can have reminder email notifications sent to clients, or other stakeholders such as parents/ guardians, or primary therapists.


Task Module


The Lauris Task Module enables your staff to schedule daily recurring tasks. The Task Module can function as a Electronic MAR (eMAR) for Medication Administration, or for other daily tasks, that must be documented such as taking vital signs, or taking blood or urine samples for lab testing. For more advanced eMAR functionality, Adaptive Infotech offers the ChartMeds Electronic Medications Administration Records system, which can be provided as an integrated solution within Lauris Online.


Compliance Module


The Lauris Compliance Module enables you to track all of the critical forms in your clients charts to insure each form is completed in the appropriate timeframe. If a client form is nearing the required due date, or is actually out of compliance, the assigned staff will be notified with an alert, from which they will be able to drill down and identify what must be done.


Eligibility Module


Verify eligibility for active authorizations in the system, verifying that those authorizations are still valid for the same funding source. If a funding source different from the current authorization is identified, the system provides a simple process to end the old authorization and create a new authorization.


Billing Module


Billing and Accounts Receivables: Standard reporting tools help to effectively manage your current billing processes. However the optional Billing Center module allows electronic claims processes to be implemented and remits to be tracked in Accounts Receivable.

Electronic remit information (835s) are automatically posted to AR as they are imported into your Lauris Online site. Co-pays/pre-payments are automatically matched up to claims for services provided on the same day in Accounts Receivable. Claims can be tracked and rebilled through your interactive Aging Report. Billable items are tracked from cradle to grave.


Outcomes Module


Place batteries or surveys online designed to measure outcomes and take your reporting to the next level. For example a battery can be completed by the client, the care giver and the counselor on a periodic basis (i.e. weekly) whether on paper, through direct data entry or by importing data from another system. As the data is read upon scanning or goes into the database through another method, your reports are built automatically whether clients are identified or de-identified.


Electronic Prescriptions


Your doctors and nurse practitioners can prescribe electronically through our integration with Dr. First.


Staff Time Tracking Process


The Lauris Time and Expense Module enables you to automate both time and expense tracking for staff. This functionality is also available as a customized process utilizing our REFORM feature. Track billable and non billable staff activities and associated units of service, as well as staff pay rate. Staff will generate time tracking forms, sign the forms electronically to confirm acceptance, and route on to their approver before payroll is generated.


Active File (customized chart structure)


Charts are automatically created as an intake form is processed. The viewing of client charts and documents can be organized in a way th at replicates the typical paper-based 3 ring binder, with customized tabs defined by your staff. Electronic forms are automatically posted to the correct tab within the chart as they are processed.


Labs Interface


Electronically transmit lab requests, and receive results directly into the Lauris Online EHR.


ChartMeds Electronic Medication Administration Records Sofware


Comprehensive Electronic Medication Administration Records software (eMAR), which is available through Adaptive Infotech as a stand-alone solution for managing medication administration, or can be integrated with the Lauris Online EHR.


Lauris Online Offline Forms Application


The Lauris Online Offline Forms Application is available for Windows and Android operating system based devices. Both the Adroid Offline Forms (EHR App), and Windows Offline Forms (EHR App) application provide the same functionality, enabling staff working in community based programs or environments where the Internet is not available to sync up their devices before leaving the home or office, and then work securely and affectively offline. Data that normally prepopulates into the clients forms will do so in the Offline Forms Application when working offline, signatures can be electronically captured, and the forms can be uploaded once Internet connectivity is restored. The IPhone / IPAD App will be available at a later date with the same functionality. The ChartMeds Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) software has a separate application providing offline functionality for both IPAD and Windows.



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