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Lauris Online Certified EHR

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Evello Outcomes Engine

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Billing Team Development

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Advanced eMAR System

Welcome to Adaptive Infotech

Adaptive Infotech was founded in 2008, and has since helped many Behavioral Health, Case Management, Foster Care, Substance Abuse, and other healthcare organizations in their migration to Electronic Health Records with the Lauris Online EHR. Many of our customers must meet the requirements for Meaningful Use, as well as requirements of Joint Commission, CARF, COA, Department of Juvenile Justice, Medicaid, Medicare, DCF, ONC, and other licensing, accreditation, and funding entities. We know what is at stake for our customers in seeking both clinical and business efficiency gains through the deployment of advanced technology. Our experience translates into successful EHR projects, with clinical and billing staff properly trained to fully utilize the systems we put into place.


Just as you serve your clients by taking a comprehensive approach to their mental health and overall wellbeing, we focus on the overall wellbeing of your organization, from the Mental Health / Behavioral Health EHR that fully meets the needs of clinical staff, to tools for your business and the maintenance of the cash flow you generate to keep the doors open. Our Lauris Online EHR solution integrates all of your clinical and business processes, based upon your own unique therapy notes, treatment plans, assessments, and other program documentation, approval and compliance needs, customized reporting requirements, staff time/ productivity tracking, utilization management, billing, and receivables management requirements. The Lauris Online EHR is Certfied for Meaningful Use, and can be effectively used in both a residential and Community Based environment, with tools to operate even when Internet Connectivity is not available. From our ChartMeds Medication Administration Record (eMAR), to Bed Management, Lauris Online adds efficiencies to enable your staff to be more effective at serving clients. Our Evello Outcomes System provides a customized Outcomes Tracking and Reporting solution providing you with a way to effectively connect with and measure your impact on your clients and alumni. With Evello, you can use industry standard outcomes tools, or build your own surveys. All data capture in the Lauris Online Behavioral Health EHR and Evello Outcomes systems enables you to take advantage of the value in any and all data entered into the systems. Your forms have the fields to collect the data you require, and all data entered in your forms is tracked in the database. The data retained then supports current or future customized reporting requirements, and eliminates unnecessary data entry by prepopulating data across forms that had been previously entered elsewhere in the system. The results are seen at audit times as access to more data facilitates flexible compliance reports, while less duplicate typing is translated into reduced errors and consistent data across all clinical forms.


While we know that the Lauris Online EHR Billing Center software Module provides significant efficiencies for your billing department, any billing solution is only successful with an effective Utilization Management and Billing Team. Staffing your billing team with personnel that have the right experience and knowledge can be challenging. Adaptive Infotech can provide coaching in “Best Practices” for your authorization management and billing staff. Our goal is to help you build your billing team to be self-sufficient in timely claims processing and effective management of receivables.


Of course the health of your clinical and business operations is dependent upon the continual developement of your staff. Adaptive Infotech provides the training options you need, including on-site staff training, in addition to providing online tutorials to insure your staff is up to date on the proper use of the Lauris Online EHR.


Ultimately, any solution we provide must be affordable for the customers we serve. The Lauris EHR / EMR and Evello Outcomes System both have very unique pricing models, allowing you to provide access to unlimited numbers of staff, whether part time, full time, volunteer, or partner agency. This makes Lauris Online one of the most cost effective Certified Behavioral Health or Mental Health EHR / EMR solutions on the market.


For a demonstration of the Lauris Online EMR/ EHR, the ChartMeds Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR), or Evello Outcomes Engine, email request to



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